Antiphonies and Other Lives at the EBBC 2023 in Malmö

06 May 2023
Two works by Oliver Waespi will be featured as own choice pieces at the 2023 European Brass Band Championships in Malmö (Sweden): Whilst "Antiphonies" (on themes by William Byrd) will receive its world premiere, there will be a further performance of "Other Lives".

"Antiphonies" is an exploration of themes by William Byrd, experienced through the sonic energy and space of a modern-day brass band. William Byrd (ca. 1540 - 1623) was one of the greatest English renaissance composers whose 400th anniversary of death is in 2023. The work was specifically commissioned for first performance at the 2023 European Championships.

"Other Lives" on the other hand was originally commissioned by the Valaisia Brass Band and had been featured at several National and European Championships since then. The performances are taking place at the prestigious Malmö Live Concert Hall, home of the Malmö Symphony Orchestra.

As usual at the European Championships, the names of the performing bands and conductors will be known only after the performances.

Further information about the event is available here .
Photo source: Wikimedia Commons


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